Spinnaker Run


I went for a walk a few weeks ago during the hot June weather.  It was noon, scalding, and the lake was covered in small ships at a sailing event.  The scene was incredible: clouds in the distance, soft and subtle, deep grey and blue windmills sprouting up from Wolfe Island, the water shimmering like precious stones.  The light itself was at an angle I haven’t often seen in paintings, so I thought I’d try my hand at capturing it.

Because I hadn’t taken any reference photos, this was easier said than done.  The final image here is somewhat of a Wolfe Island ‘fantasy’, a re-imagining rather than a realistic portrayal of the exact landscape.  I chose a pretty big canvas (which now occupies a wall in my living room!) to allow the the scene to have enough room.  Choosing the blues was tricky.  In the end I opted for anthraquinone, a really great rich blue with a higher chroma than Prussian, and some true cerulean (not the hue, which can get muddy).  My previous interpretations of Wolfe Island have made use of strong, high-key colours, so here I wanted to be more gentle, more sutble.  I took the photo a few times but was never able to capture all the colours I had used (the titanate yellow doesn’t show up very well).


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