SCA News and Website Updates


One of my newest paintings just got admitted to the SCA’s National Open Juried Show in Calgary.  Happens that I live in Calgary now, which makes the whole thing pretty convenient!  I’m feeling like this piece couldn’t have happened without three or four duds over the past year, wherein I tried to figure out just how best to paint rocks and trees.  Looks easy, isn’t.

Also went head to head for five rounds with Pagelines today, which continues to live up to its reputation as the most obtuse and useless DMS system for web design out there.  If I hadn’t sunk a couple of hundred bucks (total, mind you, not all at once) into the whole enterprise, I’d be well on my way to something else.  I feel like my posts for the last year have pretty much been a litany of complaints.  Anyway, check out the new gallery page, which has a much more up-to-date showing of my most recent work.

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