Photoshop Intermission


I slip into different modes every now and then: right now, I’ve got all my Golden acrylic jars neatly stacked, brushes all dried out and clean, and palettes stashed away in the drawers.  My workdesk is an altar to organization, plain white with coloured pens and the odd book, like Strunk & White’s, and the Oxford Dictionary of Astronomy, stacked neatly to the side.  I am loathe to get the paint out when working on non-paint things, so when I don’t have the energy I work on a little photoshop project.  This is the most recent one, which I did for a friend for his birthday (done entirely in PS).

On an unrelated note, just finished reading Peter Watson’s mammoth book “Ideas.”  I’ve never read a more epic book – I could only get through a meagre 15 pages a night it was so dense.  Basically I should’ve just read this book instead of spending thousands of dollars on an Intellectual History program at university.  I think I learned more from Watson.

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