No Guts, No Galaxy


That’s the slogan of an animated show that, long ago, propelled me toward Battletech: a gaming franchise centred around giant mechs battling it out in the far future.  In my adolescent years, I had a copy of almost every Battletech book, miniature, and resource.  I was an absolute nut for it.  To be fair, I still am, and occasionally enjoy veering away from portraits or landscapes to paint lasers, rockets, and explosions.  Oh yeah.

Last year I came across a fan art contest for Battletech.  The winner would get to do some paid illustrations for a soon-to-be-published book.  I realized right away this could be the potential fulfillment of my #1 childhood dream: that I’d actually be the one drawing those giant robots.

Well, after entering, I did win that contest (along with two others), and got started working for Catalyst games, the current publisher of Battletech books.  The dream had come true.  Below are the two pictures I rendered for their new book Interstellar Expeditions.

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