Capturing Winter


March is a special time of the year.  We’re far from from Christmas, but further still from summer.  A lot of us (including me) will find ourselves with an extra week of holiday somewhere in the middle of it, and, weather willing, March yields some of the best days of the year: the warmth and sun of spring with the crisp cold skies of winter, late sunsets still with heavy snows, all accompanied with a stillness not seen in the December season.  To me, at least, March is different space entirely.  It’s nature’s time.

Capturing this sense of quiet winter requires some patience.  I’m still not there yet – it’s something I’ve been working on for years, never quite homing in on that exact feeling.  This latest painting is a ‘recovery’ – reclaiming an old board that was left incomplete – and inspired by a drive to Kingston along Highway 2.  I used a few glazes (Golden glazing medium seems to be the best) to tone down the colours to achieve some softness: it can be easy for blue and white to dominate if they aren’t kept in line.  I might’ve spent a bit more time on this, but I figured this one is a stepping-stone to bigger and better wintry things.

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